amor, quia vos sunt amavit

Welcome to the Sketch Reed Online Depot! Support your favorite cartoonist (we're assuming that's me for the purposes of this conversation) by purchasing original art, comics I've made, and other fine products available right here! Heck, even if you don't like me all that much, comics are a great thing to blow all your cash on! Don't worry, your money's safe with me. I'll take care of it for you.

All products you buy here will be printed fresh when you order 'em, just like at a low-rent burger joint! And just like a burger joint, we don't recommend you eat any of the products you can buy here, not even the miniposters. They're not edible. Don't try. 





If there's one thing I draw well, it's people and cartoons. Sometimes, I draw cartoons of people, but that's neither here nor there. Fact is, the best gift to get someone for their birthday or otherwise is a portrait. And here's a way to do just that! Get yourself a hand-drawn, custom portrait with this purchase.


$1.50 (or pay more, if you like)

(B&W, 16 pg, cover printed on beige cardstock)

My first full comics piece in over a year, and the first publication by Clusterfuck Studios imprint Uglybag Press, Dissipation is a surrealistic interpretative piece. Similar in style to <scratchedout>, Dissipation is a must for fans of experimental comics work.

As with all Uglybag Press packages, included in the package will be an original doodle by the author, and if you want it signed, there's an option that lets you tell me who to sign it for as well, for no extra charge.

CHEAT CODE FOR FREE STUFF: scratchedout sucked anyways


UGLY SOCK by Sketch X. Reed and Sara Lalk

$3.50 (or pay more, if you like)

(B&W, 24 pg, cover printed on white cardstock)

Ugly Sock marks a unique point in my work; this is the first project I have written, but not illustrated. Instead, the wonderful Sara Lalk takes the brush on this piece about the artist's role in society, the philosophy of production and the different puppets we put on as artists.

As with all Uglybag Press packages, included in the package will be an original doodle by the illustrator (this time, it's Sara...although with the cheat code, I'll throw in something made by me as well), and as usual, we can sign it as well.



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