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Fun Games From Sketch Reed

Here you can find the rule sets for all the games I've designed. All of the rule sets on this page are free; feel free to download them and play them; hell, even spread 'em around, provided you give me credit. However, I must note that all of these are (C) 2010-2013 Sketch Xaviar Reed Artistic Productions; you may not use these for commercial use without my (Sketch Reed) written consent.

 With that being said...enjoy!



A fun little miniatures game, where the main objective is not victory, but rather to freak out innocent bystanders with your best pro wrestler announcer voice.

CLICK HERE to download.


Looking for a great miniature battle game? Well, grab your grid mat and some minis and dice, and prepare to OVERSHADOW your opponents! Can you capture your opponent's leader?

CLICK HERE to download.


Here's a classic;playing baseball with baseball cards! I created this game long before the baseball card companies started producing their own card games; best of all, you can use any cards you own! Grab your hot dogs and some dice and let the games begin!

CLICK HERE to download.

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