amor, quia vos sunt amavit


Here's an interesting little comic for you. Published in January of 2011, Fun Fun Times At The 5 And Dime was originally written by yours truly back around 2007-ish (I might be a little wrong on the date here) back when I was in middle school. However, it starred different characters, one of which was "inspired" (see also direct ripoff) by a character from Monsters, Inc by Pixar.

This redux, however, starred perennial favorite Fuzzwumpus, and is an interesting look at my shading style back when I was in college in 2011; rough, almost painterly grey tones done using a mouse and painted in GIMP. It also featured the grumpy bowling pin known as Eddie Pinhead, whose little endblurb (a one-page gag at the end of the minicomc) is featured here as well.

I didn't feature the cover art here; however, a compendium of all my college work is coming soon, and the cover art will be in there. It's a beauty.

Without further's fun time.

Some fun facts about this comic:

*Other than ....a dead end and the unfinished Spiderbro, this was the only comic from this era that Sketch does not make an appearance in.
*The old man is reading The Letter Game, the first minicomic from that era published.
*As you would know from reading The SXR Compendium, Fuzzwumpus is not a gerbil, he's a Furmongrel, which are a sentient subspecies of moles.
*Fuzzwumpus's skateboard has a picture of Ferdinand The Turtle on it, an old plush turtle that belonged to Sketch at one point.

And now, the endblurb you've been waiting for...

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