amor, quia vos sunt amavit



          Sketch Xaviar Reed (abbreviated as "Sketch X. Reed", or simply just "X." in the case of his electronic music work) is a cartoonist, programmer, artist, musician and stage performer living in Saint Charles, MO, USA, from which he operates a small production studio called Clusterf**k Studios. He enjoys listening to jazz, lounge and electronic music, as well as the occasional grindcore or thrash album. He has one cat, Mocha, who eats him out of house and home.

          When he's not hard at work on one of many various projects, Sketch can be found lounging around Clusterf**k Studios HQ, daydreaming about anything from the meaning of life to where hats come from. He can occasionally be spotted outside of the studio, though this is quite rare, and is usually caused by a lack of food in the studio fridge, someone dragging him kicking and screaming, or a day job and the duties contained therein.

         If you wish to contact Mr. Reed, you may do so via any of the methods below.



Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @clusterfukkin
Skype: sketchreed


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