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30 January: New art posted to the Gallery!
28 January: Brand new Funhouse! Check this shit out!
24 January: My first demo,  ([3.]) (Demo Tape), has been taken down. It was up for a good while, and hopefully everyone that wanted to got a chance to enjoy it.
23 January: New Funhouse! Embrace the darkness here.
14 January: You want sum Fun? We got sum Fun. Click here for some new Funhouse!
5 January: New Funhouse! Check it out here.
25 December:
25 December: Merry fruit-cakin', eggnog-swillin' Christmas! Here's some new Funhouse! Not to mention--and if you're a fan of me on Twitter or Facebook, you already knew this--the track list to Living The Dream has been dropped! What you probably DIDN'T know is that I just dropped three tracks from it TODAY over on the Music page! Give 'em a listen!
19 December: Jeeez! I'm WAY behind schedule. Here's this week's Funhouse.
14 December: I might have leaked some new comics from Funhouse Issue 1 over on Twitter. You should go check it out.
12 December: New production blog post. Important shit!
09 December: Step right up to the greatest show on paper: Funhouse! New strip here.
06 December: Fixed! Everything's back to normal now.
06 December: Whoops! I might have broke some sections of the site...expect everything to be back to normal by tonight. If you find any pictures that aren't working or anything else that seems to be missing a few screws, email me so I can get 'em sorted out.
01 December: I have returned! New art posted to the Gallery, and some brand new comics work! Check 'em out!
    ...It's good to be back.


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